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Unleashing the Curriculum Designer in us all at Primary

March 22, 2016

“Positive, reaffirming and inspirational”

– Curriculum Lead


Our first primary curriculum conference took place at The Great Northern Hotel in Peterborough on Monday 14th March. Schools from across the network came to share their approaches on designing a child-centered, ‘whole education’ curriculum and discussed the current challenges and opportunities for schools in the ever changing education landscape.

We heard contributions from Sharon Bruton, CEO of The Keys Federation Academy Trust, Iain Erskine, Principal of The Fulbridge Academy, Avnish Dhesi, Head of School at Victoria Park Primary Academy, and David Crossley, Executive Director of the Whole Education Network.

Sir John Dunford OBE, Chair of the Whole Education Network and former Pupil Premium Champion, gave a rousing speech on ways in which schools can seize the opportunities available to them when designing their curricula. He reminded colleagues that the curriculum is really everything a child experiences when they come into school.

“Very inspiring to hear how we can broaden the curriculum for the benefit of our learners… Don’t be afraid to innovate!” 

– Year 5 Class teacher & Science Coordinator


Break out sessions gave schools an opportunity to explore curriculum design approaches by All Saints CE Junior School, Hampton Vale Primary School, Wyndham Primary Academy and many more. There was also an opportunity for practice sharing on topics such as innovations in literacy, use of Bloom’s Solo Taxonomy in the curriculum, child-led learning in Kunskapsskolan and parental engagement in EYFS.

Delegates left the event feeling inspired, emboldened and taking away some excellent ideas for transforming their school’s curriculum.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the conference. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Natasa Pantelic, Whole Education Primary School Network Facilitator


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