Why Growing Great Schools?

square-banner – from David Crossley, Associate Director of Whole Education

The Whole Education Annual Conference enables school leaders at all levels from within and beyond our network to come together to share, reflect on, explore current challenges and opportunities.

As delegate after delegate has commented, the conference is a chance to step off the day-to-day treadmill, be inspired and perhaps identify a key idea or way forward for your own school or schools. It also helps form and cement relationships with colleagues from around the country.

In January, we come together at time when few expect resource levels in our schools to increase in the years ahead but most will want to continue to change and develop what they do. This raises the risk of constantly adding things to what we do already and overloading already hard pressed staff.

This challenge set the basis for this year’s theme of ‘doing thing differently’, examining how we can make the most of the staff and other resources we have and how we can ensure we focus our efforts on things that will make a real difference to the life chances of all the children and young people in our care.

On Day 1 we look forward to the inputs, reflections and learning our plenary speakers, including Becky Francis, Jonathan Neelands, Estelle Morris and Tim Brighouse, will explore with us, and the ideas and developments in practice schools and other partners will share.

On Day 2 Andy Hargreaves will lead and facilitate an involving and engaging day around the important questions about leadership, effective collaboration and how to be bold and successful. Sir David Carter will also share his thinking on our school led system and on the importance of how we support develop our most important asset our staff.

We are shaping a confident agenda that will tackle the real challenges schools are facing head on and work towards positive responses. I look forward to meeting many of you there.

Click here to read the most recent conference programme.

Click here to book your tickets.


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