Calling creative Year 11s! Applications open to the London Screen Academy

The London Screen Academy is a new 16-19 school to set kids up for real-world behind-the-camera jobs in the screen industries, created by the producers of Love Actually, Harry Potter and James Bond. The mission is to transform the face of the film industry by increasing the diversity of its workforce, and education by creating a world-class school for a broad intake of pupils that delivers a brilliant twenty-first century education and prepares them for the creative economy.

Applications to LSA are open now! The school is looking for creative London-based Year 11s who might be interested long-term in jobs in the screen industries, whether director, producer, writer, editor, designer, hair and make-up, sound engineer, special effects – anything that isn’t an actor. And we’d like to talk to head teachers or heads of department who think LSA could be right for 1 or 2 of their pupils.

Please consider encouraging students to apply. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact, who can arrange for a visit from the head of LSA Nick Watkiss and one of the film industry founders.


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