Whole Education is a network that connects educators and experts to amplify their ability to make the biggest difference to the life chances of the greatest number of young people. We support schools to offer a ‘whole education’ that develops the skills, qualities and knowledge that young people need to flourish in life, learning and work.

We believe that the need for this kind of education today is as great as it has ever been. We also believe that the essential knowledge for change is already in the system. Answers to the big questions exist, held by the profession.

The problem is that they are dissipated- transformative insights scattered across the 20,000 schools and 400,000 teachers in the system. We help connect the dots to magnify the ability of schools and leaders to offer a ‘whole education’. 


Do you have an idea for a great blog?


Are you a practitioner with an insight from the classroom that you want to share with the over 300 schools that we work with?

A school leader with a unique approach to curriculum or staff development (or anything else that you think the community would be interested in)?

Are you a young person who wants to give your view on debates that too often fail to listen to the very people they are meant to be about?

We want to hear from educators, policymakers, young people, businesses and parents as part of a Big Education Conversation.

We are looking for people with fresh new ideas who would like to contribute to the Whole Education blog. Anyone is welcome to get in touch with an idea or suggestion.

We are interested in a mixture of one-off blogs and regular columns. We especially welcome opinion pieces, articles on practice, and responses to news stories on education.

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